provisional licensure

Provisional Licensure

Before enrolling in any of these classes, we advise you to check with either the VDOE or your school HR/personnel department to make sure the courses will fit what you need. We can not make that determination or advise you on what you need for licensure and we don’t want you to take something that won’t help you.

Tuition: These graduate courses are offered 100% online, with a cost at our affordable rate of $275.00/per credit hour ($350, out-of-state rate).

Provisional Licensure

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“I found Longwood University’s graduate credit and non-credit classes to be just what I needed in order to further my knowledge in my chosen field of special education.  A big bonus, of course, is the recertification points!”

~ Debbie Pollard,
Special Education Teacher
Windy Gap Elementary School

The classes we offer are:

PSPE 515-01 Survey of Exceptional Children

Course Description An introduction to all disabilities in special education.  Characteristics and needs of students with disabilities, legislation, litigation, inclusion, and the role of the classroom teacher as a member of the IEP team. (3 credits)  C …

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PEDU 543 Curriculum Development in the Middle & Secondary School

PEDU 543 Curriculum Development in the Middle & Secondary School A study of principles and current patterns of curriculum development at the middle and secondary levels.  3 credits. Course Information: PEDU 543, 3 credits, 8 weeks, 100% Online Summ …

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PEDU 542 Curriculum Development in the Elementary School

A study of principles and current patterns of curriculum development in the elementary school.  3 credits Course Information:  PEDU 542 P03, 3 Credits Next Offering: Summer 2019 Instructor: J. Mersiowsky Enroll  

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PEDU 524 Emergent & Early Literacy Instruction

Application of child development and language acquisition knowledge in making effective and appropriate decisions about early childhood and elementary school literacy practices will be examined for both emergent and early literacy learners. 3 graduate …

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PEDU 550 Classroom and Behavior Management

Examination of classroom and behavior management techniques and the development of skills necessary to foster a supportive classroom learning environment congruent with norms and rules. Includes an examination of system problems and solutions within tr …

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PEDU 530 Teaching Reading in the Content Area

This course provides the graduate student with an analysis of skills and strategies for facilitating content area reading and writing in intermediate grades, middle school, high school and with developmental college students. Course Information:  PEDU …

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PEDU 521 Human Growth and Development

The principles and processes of human development covering the entire lifespan. Major aspects of development (social, physical, mental, emotional, etc.) are traced through the various stages of development and their interaction in organized behavior is …

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PEDU 506 Contemporary Social Issues in American Education

This course provides foundation to the scope and nature of education in American society as reflected in the historical, philosophical, and sociological forces affecting the development and organization of schooling. Emphasis is given to contemporary c …

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