The 2020 Graduate Research Symposium

Friday, April 24th.

Click here to view the presentations for the Virtual Graduate Research Symposium and “attend” the live, online Q&A sessions.

Choose the format that best fits your needs to share your research project. There are even ways for distance students to participate.

How is COVID-19 affecting the Graduate Research Symposium?

How is COVID-19 affecting the Research Symposium?

Based on President Reveley’s announcement on March 19th, all in-person events on-campus are cancelled until further notice. Although in-person events may not continue The College of Graduate and Professional Studies, in conjunction with the Graduate Faculty, would like to still provide an opportunity for our graduate students to participate in the Graduate Research Symposium, especially since many of you still need to share your research as part of your class requirements.

We are preparing to move the Graduate Research Symposium to an online, conference-style format. We will be in communication in the coming weeks with information for you so you know how to easily participate, but please know we will be moving forward with Graduate Research Symposium – albeit in a much different format than we have done in the past.

While you await further instruction, please continue to work on your research. If you have already completed your research and are at the stage of preparing your poster – please work to put it into a PowerPoint format rather than a printed poster format. If you have already created and printed your poster, just await further instructions regarding how to submit.

What is the Graduate Research Symposium?

What is the Graduate Research Symposium?

At the graduate level, research and inquiry are an integral part of all programs and concentrations with the goals of developing research questions and skills, practicing research in the field, and becoming contributors and leaders in professional areas. One of the most fascinating aspects of sharing research and inquiry questions and methods across disciplines is to see the similarities and differences in question, approaches, and desired outcomes. By looking at research and inquiry across disciplines, we gain more respect and understanding for everyone’s field of study.

Each year graduate students from Longwood University’s graduate programs gather to share questions they’ve wondered about through their studies. This sharing takes the form of conference style presentations, poster sessions, and 3MPs each Spring. Presentations are judged and awards are given.