Non-Credit Classes

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We offer a selection of classes designed to fit your schedule, with your budget in mind. Our non-credit classes begin at a rate of $99.00. In addition to gaining professional skills, this is  a perfect opportunity to acquire recertification points, professional development credits, or continuing education units (CEU’s).

Longwood University’s Professional Studies office utilizes the descriptions for Renewal Options in the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual to suggest appropriate professional development points to school divisions. Please validate recertification points with your Human Resource Department before registering for non-credit classes. Note: Non-credit classes cannot be transferred as for-credit courses at any time.

Non-credit classes are listed below. They are suggested for 30 recertification points.

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New Classes Coming Soon! Teaching with Google Apps Part 2; Integrating Historical Sights into your Classroom; Classroom use of Web 2.0 tools and Beyond; Using Social Media for School and Classroom Communications

A Quick Constitutional Review of: Discrimination

Discrimination has long been an issue in American politics and society.  While America has come a long way in its views of those that are different, movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo show that we still have a long way to go.  Participants …

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A Quick Constitutional Review of: The First Amendment in the Classroom

The First Amendment is the core of our political freedoms and one of the most controversial amendments of the Constitution.  By reviewing case law, participants will explore how the Supreme Court applies the First Amendment public and private schools, …

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Teaching Reading Comprehension: I read it, but I don’t get it!!

Have you ever said, or heard a colleague say, “My students can ‘read the words’ but they just don’t understand what they are reading”? This class offers an overview of the reading comprehension process, outlines primary comprehension strategies, and ex …

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Teaching with Google Apps Part 1

Learners in this class will develop an understanding of and implementation of creative uses of Google Apps, Forms and Sheets. Learners will explore how to use these applications to foster collaboration, communication and to enhance engagement. Learners …

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Digital Images and Copyright in your Classroom

Learners in this class will locate and curate digital images for use in their classroom. Learners will explore the use and creation of digital images and how they can integrate them into their classroom. Learners will apply appropriate copyright regula …

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Digital Leadership

Learners in this class will explore digital resources on the Internet, learn to use some of those resources to help you to attain the ISTE Standards for Administration, explore the use of these resources to meet the needs of a school or school division …

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Blending and Flipping

Are you blending or flipping your classroom? Are your students blending and flipping? In this interactive course, you will learn about different models of blended and flipped models of teaching and how to lead meaning discussions within the online worl …

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Your State Parks in the Classroom

Learners will visit a state park of their choice and explore the significance and history of the area. The learner will research when and why the park was added into the State Park System. The learner will also learn about the wildlife and plant life, …

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Building Blocks for Collaboration and Co-Teaching in the Elementary School

This class is designed for pairs of teachers (exceptional and general education teammates, if possible) to learn practical strategies for building communication and collaboration skills, instructional planning and co-teaching strategies, and methods fo …

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Speaking Publicly With Ease (Hybrid Class)

Are your palms sweaty?  Do you feel faint or even nausea?   For a moment, you think it is the flu.  It is not the flu.  You are just minutes away from making a big oral presentation to your colleagues.  Relax!  You got this.  Enroll today in the non-cr …

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The Best New Books for Elementary Students

Participants will learn all about the best picture books (and even some chapter books) published in the past year from Longwood’s School Librarianship faculty extraordinaire Carl Harvey.  Keep your classroom library current and your students engaged in …

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Spanish for Educators

Acquire the fundamentals to communicate in a basic way with Hispanic parents and students. Become familiarized with vocabulary dealing with welcoming new students, giving directions around the school, feeling sick, attendance, cafeteria, parent-teacher …

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Classroom Management for the 21st Century

Using actual  classroom scenarios, collaboration between Instructional Coaches, Teachers, Counselors and Administration to problem solve the growing task of managing a classroom.  Learning from each other, we can address common and unique classroom sce …

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Performance Based Assessment

To truly understand what students have learned on any given topic, Performance Based Assessments will demonstrate such.  Include the 5 “C’s” in 21st century learning in your classroom through Project Based Assessments:  Communication, Critical Thinking …

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Adapting Instruction & Collecting Evidence for the Virginia Alternative Assessment Program (VAAP) Portfolio

Participants will adapt the curriculum in thematic teaching to enhance core content. The class offers an exploration of ways to creatively teach and assess content objectives in multisensory ways for the individual learner with scattered skills, restri …

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Creative Problem Solving for a Better Culture

In this class, the teacher will learn how to adapt the 5 C’s — Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Citizenship–into his/her professional teaching scenarios that can develop a positive learning culture in the classr …

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Teaching Math with Children’s Literature

Children’s Literature as a vehicle for teaching mathematics concepts, increasing mathematical language and writing, and enjoying real world math situations is the focus of this class. Instructor: Dr. Jeannine Perry, Ph.D., Dean of College of Graduate …

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Note, this is a non-credit class. It may be used for recertification points or Continuing Education Units but can not be transferred for academic credit at any time.