Longwood LIFE

A college experience for students with disabilities in transition from high school to adulthood.

Longwood LIFE students with wooden puppets

What We Do

Longwood LIFE is a two-year non-degree post-secondary certificate day program for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Students within the age range of 18-25 will gain the skills for independent living in a college community setting with age-appropriate peers throughout this day program. Students are given the opportunity during this program to build a portfolio that will document experiences and progress towards program and personal goals. Longwood LIFE Flyer | Longwood LIFE Brochure

Longwood LIFE students

Program Areas of Focus:
The program has areas of focus in: social skills, functional academics, vocational training, health and wellness, fine arts, literature/cultural studies, and internship applications.


Longwood LIFE provides the opportunity for students across Longwood’s campus to become partners-in-training in their fields of study with the community of Longwood LIFE students. Students will experience peer mentoring and the fostering of social skills for the inclusive workplace environment.

Campus Involvement: 

Longwood LIFE students will be able to become involved in the college culture and community. This involvement includes attendance at sporting events or music/theatre performances, special student weekend events (including Hull Springs Farm weekend), and a summer camp experience once during each summer in a dormitory.

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Typical Day in the LIFE: 

This depicts what a day of the week MAY look like for a Longwood LIFE student.

  • Independent Daily Living Skills (8:30-10:00)
  • Fine Arts Exploration (10:15-11:15)
  • Lunch in Dorrill Dining Hall (11:30)
  • Intro to Social Skills On the College Campus & Social Skills in the Workplace (12:30-1:30)
  • Lifetime Activities (2:00-3:00)

Longwood LIFE also offers a bi-weekly seminar for families/guardians that has additional support through the course offerings in the department of Social Work. These seminars will touch on advocacy, case management services, mentoring, and decision-making regarding transitioning to the adult student with a disability to independence and supported living.

View the Longwood LIFE Spring 2019 schedule here:  Spring 2019 Schedule | View the Longwood LIFE Program Overview here: Longwood Life Two-Year Program Schedule.

Application Process:

Students must be able to make the decision to attend Longwood University independently of their parents and caregivers. The application process includes both an application and an interview with the Longwood LIFE admissions team. Longwood LIFE is currently accepting applications. Download the application and recommendation forms here: Longwood LIFE Application | Longwood LIFE Recommendation Forms

Longwood LIFE students with wooden puppets

“Our two-year program goes beyond enabling a college experience – it is an empowerment model committed to supporting our students’ developing competencies for independent living skills, including internships towards future employment.” -Ian Danielsen, Coordinating Team Member

How can you help?
After a successful pilot, Longwood LIFE is raising funds for scholarships to reduce the cost for the students entering the program. Longwood LIFE Donation Flyer.

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To donate to the Longwood LIFE Foundation:

  1. Please go to the following link: Longwood University Foundation
  2. When selecting the Gift, credit card option, select the “designation” as “other” and type in: Longwood LIFE, and the account code 070 075 0002.
  3. If you’d like to send a check, make your check payable to: Longwood University Foundation, type in the memo: Longwood LIFE, Acct. Code: 070 075 0002 and mail to: Longwood University Foundation, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909. 


Karen Feathers, Program Coordinator
Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
Email: Karen Feathers: [email protected]   or  [email protected]
Phone: (434) 395-2837 or (434) 962-6454

Coordinating Team Members: Karen Feathers, Ian Danielsen, and Matt Lucas

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