Teach A Session

Lancer Learning Community is currently on hiatus. Thank you for your patience.

Do you have a hobby or skill you’d like to share with others?

We welcome instructors from all walks of life and would love to hear your ideas!

The Lancer Learning Community’s objective is to unite people through the sharing of talents and the love of learning through low-cost, fun, hands-on sessions. The sessions are whenever you can fit them into your schedule as many times as you’d like to offer them. We suggest class length to be 60-90 minutes. Some of our instructors charge nothing but take other classes in exchange for their service while others charge a small fee to cover time and supplies. We will work with you on all the specifics.

Download, save, and fill out the Teach a Session form with as much information as you can, send it in, and we’ll contact you to start talking about your idea.

Email it to LLC Coordinator Cindy Harris:  harrisco@longwood.edu

Before you begin teaching a session, review our Guidelines for Instructors.