Lancer Learning Community

Lancer Learning Community is currently on hiatus. Thank you for your patience.

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The Lancer Learning Community brings people and talents together by tapping into the amazing community of Prince Edward County and the Town of Farmville. Classes are designed to inform and educate anyone and everyone about topics people are passionate to share. While educational components are always a part of the classes, the topics are diverse and the “teachers” are residents, professors, club members and students.

We all have a hobby, passion or topic we find intriguing. What better way to unite the community than sharing that through these classes? The classes are held at a variety of venues, so as to utilize an array of facilities, introduce the public to places not yet experienced and to make everyone feel welcome no matter where they are in our community.

The vision of Lancer Learning Community is to offer cost effective, interesting, multi-generational classes to unite the community and, ultimately, use funds to invest back into needs identified by participants and residents. Come, “Lighten up and Learn” with us!

There are two areas in the Lancer Learning Community:


In October/November, February/March and June/July, Lancer Learning Community will offer sessions, throughout the region, covering a variety of topics, instructed by community members, students, teachers, civic members, farmers and anyone wishing to share their passion and/or hobby!  All sessions are $10.00.


Day and, sometimes, overnight classes which go beyond a one or two hour session. Come with us to explore, learn, discover new places and share time, and experiences with each other. These adventures will range from kayak trips, experience of Yogaville and Hull Springs Farm, Cave exploration, baseball and football games and maybe even high elevation Fly Fishing! The cost of adventures will vary based on the adventure, fees charged by the locations, transportation and the like.

If you have questions about Lancer Learning Center, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

“Thank you so much for all you do for the community through the Lancer Learning Classes. What a boon for our community—a real benefit to us! Hope these classes will be a great success. Best of luck and thanks again.”

Sherri Marken