PTHE 595-P13: Performance for the Middle/High School Teacher  This course places the teacher in all aspects of theatre performance.  There will be course work which will examine acting, auditions, story drama techniques, improvisations, and monologue, along with a required practical experience including but not limited to auditions, acting, and crew assignments.  A minimum of 25 lab hours of “getting the show up” is required.  The lab hours will be done at your local community or professional theatre which must be approved by the professor.  3 credits.

Course Information: PTHE 595-P13, 3 credits, 7 weeks, online with lab hours
Fall 2019: 10/19/19 – 12/7/19, Course Registration Number (CRN) = 12009
Instructor:  Dr. Ronda Scarrow, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Longwood University