PTHE 595-P13: Education in Theatre This class will lay the foundations of theater history, philosophy, theorists, techniques, and classroom management for teaching theatre to middle and high school students. It includes the development of skills to nurture a supportive, engaging classroom environment to foster and enhance students’ skills as actors and/or technicians. Teaching tools and strategies for using and assessing theatre techniques in the classroom, workshop, and production settings will be explored. 3 credits.

Course Information: PTHE 595-P13, 3 credits, 8 weeks, 100% online

Summer 2020:  Sunday, June 21st – Saturday, August 15th 2020, Course Registration Number (CRN) = 6266

Instructor:  Dr. Ronda Scarrow

Cost:  $280 per credit for Virginia residents  |  $355 per credit for non-Virginia residents