Are your palms sweaty?  Do you feel faint or even nausea?   For a moment, you think it is the flu.  It is not the flu.  You are just minutes away from making a big oral presentation to your colleagues.  Relax!  You got this.  Enroll today in the non-credit public speaking class for the basics to get you through any oral presentation with ease.  Dr. Ronda Scarrow teaches tried and true techniques for delivering the best Introductions, conclusions, and everything in between.

This class requires some in-person time.  There are four meetings on the beautiful Longwood campus with some online work in between.

If your school division would like Dr. Scarrow to come to you and teach and you have 12 or more participants please contact us for more information.

Course Information: Non-credit, Hybrid

Location on Longwood’s Campus: Center for Communication Studies & Theatre Building, Room #204.

Course Instructor: Dr. Ronda Scarrow, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Theatre