PEDU 530: Reading & Writing Instruction in the Content Areas  An introduction to teaching reading, comprehension and writing strategies in the content area to learners at different stages of development from intermediate grades to high school. Designed for teachers seeking initial licensure, recertification or an overview of this topic. 3 credits.

Course Information: PEDU 530, 3 credits, 8 weeks, 100% online

Dates: Sunday, May 9th – Saturday July 3rd 2021, Course Registration Number (CRN) = 6223

Instructor: Dr. H.C. Frazier, Adjunct Professor, Longwood University

Cost:  $280 per credit for Virginia residents  |  $355 per credit for non-Virginia residents


If you’re new to Longwood, please apply online and choose “Graduate Non-Degree” as your program.  
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