PEDU 521: Human Growth and Development The principles and processes of human development covering the entire lifespan. Major aspects of development (social, physical, mental, emotional, etc.) are traced through the various stages of development and their interaction in organized behavior is examined.  3 credits.

Course Information: PEDU 521, 3 credits, 8 weeks, 100% online

Summer 2020: Sunday, May 10th – Saturday, July 4th 2020, Course Registration Number (CRN) = 6258

Instructor: Dr. Evan Long

Cost:  $280 per credit for Virginia residents  |  $355 per credit for non-Virginia residents


If you’re new to Longwood, please apply online and choose “Graduate Non-Degree” as your program.  If you’re a former Longwood student and aren’t sure whether you need to apply, please email and we’ll be glad to assist you.
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