Lancer Learning Community is currently on hiatus. Thank you for your patience.

pottery wheel

Lancer Learning Community sessions will be offered in two-month intervals: June/July, October/November and February/March.

We are currently trying to solidify grant funding from various organizations, lock in corporate sponsors, and seek hosts and hostesses for specific, tailored classes desired by those who request such. In so doing, all classes are offered without a membership fee and cost only $10.00 per class! Keep in mind, all proceeds go to sustaining the program and infusing funds into community needs. What better way to unite the community than to teach and learn from each other and create a “buzz” so outlying communities join us in these classes, while funding improvements in the area! Come, “Lighten Up and Learn” with us, help each other and your community.

“Please let me know what I can do to get Lancer Learning Community off the ground. I can tell by your sincerity, you aren’t just talking, you truly see this as a way to connect our community. I will work with you to accomplish this.”

Pattie Cooper Jones

PE County Supervisor