The course below can be used to fulfill 3 of the 15 credits required by the Virginia Department of Education for the add-on endorsement for theatre arts K-12.

PTHE 595-P03 CRN #5141  Directing for the Middle/High School Teacher. (*Directing) You have just found out that you are directing the spring play, the script has been chosen, you have too many female students and not enough males for the roles, most of them have never acted before–and you have never directed.  There are stage directions, costumes to sew, props to build, and when you think it cannot get any worse you find out there is huge dance finale’.  Relax you got this!  Enroll today in Longwood’s Directing for the Middle/High School Teacher, an online course where professor and students will work together to set the stage, cast the show with ease, choreograph the final dance number and have fun doing it.

This course will cover major principles of play direction for the middle/high school teacher will be addressed.  Through comprehensive script analysis, skills will be developed in play structure as a basis for which the various elements of theatre can be organized to achieve dramatic unity-taking the play from the script to the stage.  Best practices in the application of directing, casting, costuming, movement, props, and stage business will be covered.  This class will introduce the techniques employed by a director to communicate with actors and the audience.  3 credits

Course Information: PTHE 595-P03 CRN #5141, 3 credits, 100% Online

Summer 2018: June 16th-August 11th

Course Instructor: Dr. Ronda Scarrow, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Theatre Education